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Therapy in Minnesota

At KIP Consulting Services, our highly skilled psychotherapist Ann Dillard offers virtual therapy sessions to individuals, and families, dealing with a range of challenges, including immigration-related stress, difficult mother-daughter relationships, trauma caused by maternal relationships, anxiety, and depression. Ann is dedicated to helping her clients navigate these difficulties and find healing and growth.

Ms. Ann is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the state of Minnesota.

Psychotherapy in Minnesota

Making the decision to seek therapy can be intimidating, but in my practice, I strive to create a welcoming and compassionate environment to help alleviate those fears. Together, we will explore the root causes of your challenges by considering how they may be influenced by your relationships, your community, and your beliefs. Through this process, we can work towards greater understanding and growth. 

In therapy, we may work together to heal and resolve the issues you are struggling with. I may support you through somatic healing modalities aimed at bringing the body into talk therapy to help you work through your problems on a deeper level. 

Internal Family Systems in Minnesota

Have you ever said, "A part of me feels..." or "there is a part of me that feels like...?" If so, this is a common feeling or thought many of us have. 

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on helping individuals understand and work with these different parts or subpersonalities within their psyche. IFS takes the time to help you explore the part of you, for example, that still loves your mother or daughter or the part of you that gets angry at your mother or daughter. IFS works to assist you in addressing all your thoughts, feelings, or parts to get to know your system of parts better.

Brainspotting in Minnesota

Brainspotting’s motto is “Where you look affects how you feel.” Science shows that if you are feeling upset about something, that feeling is affected by the positioning of your eye movement.​

Sometimes the brain’s processing capacity is overwhelmed by trauma, which can cause parts of the trauma to be frozen in an unprocessed state. Brainspotting uses our field of vision to find where we are holding these unprocessed traumas in the brain. During Brainspotting the eyes serve as a scanner that helps to guide the brain to find lost internal information and process it.

Somatic Experiencing in Minnesota

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a form of therapy that focuses on the body's natural ability to heal from trauma. It was developed by Peter Levine, a psychiatrist, and researcher who studied the ways in which animals naturally discharge and recover from intense or threatening experiences.

SE therapy is based on the idea that trauma is stored in the body as energy that has not been fully processed or released. This stored energy can manifest as physical symptoms, such as tension, pain, or discomfort, as well as emotional and behavioral problems. SE therapy aims to help individuals release this stored energy and resolve the underlying trauma.

Hi, I'm Ann Dillard



Raising teenagers in today's society is hard. Sometimes you don't even recognize your own child. Parents second-guess themselves and wonder if they are doing the right things. You want to shelter your teenagers, but that's not possible. They face multiple challenges at school but refuse to talk with you about them. When you ask how school was, the extent of their response is, "Fine." I get it! And that's why I do what I do.

As a mental health therapist, I aim to bring hope to teens and those who love them, as I believe that hope is often in short supply in today's society. I have drawn on my own experiences and formal education to develop a deep understanding of the challenges that people face, and I am committed to using my therapeutic skills to help my clients unlock their own inner strength and potential. I believe that everyone has the capacity to live healthy, successful lives, and it is my privilege to work with individuals and families as they navigate their journey toward healing and growth.


As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Minnesota, I have spent over 20 years working in educational settings, including four years as a school-based mental health therapist. My husband and I have raised three successful adult children. I have also completed training in a number of specialized areas, including:

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)

  • Somatic Experiences (SE)

  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Narrative Exposure Therapy

  • Problem Gambling

  • Certified in Foster Care and Adoption Competency

  • Certified Daring Way Facilitator

  • Certified Brainspotting Therapist

  • Brainspotting Consultant-in-Training

I am a member in good standing with several professional associations, including Black Therapist Rock, the American Association of Christian Counselors, and the National Black Child Development Institute. My extensive experience and training have prepared me to be a compassionate and effective therapist, working to support the mental health and well-being of my clients.


I am a kind and compassionate individual who is deeply committed to serving others and helping them to live their best lives. In my free time, I enjoy traveling to West Africa to serve on the mission field, as well as engaging in hobbies such as photography, sewing, and reading. I am also a lifelong learner, and I enjoy staying up to date on new developments in my field. I am currently a doctoral candidate writing my dissertation: Brainspotting as a methodology for improving attachment in the Caribbean-American mother-daughter relationship.  Above all, however, my greatest joy is spending time with my three grandchildren, who bring so much joy and happiness into my life.

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