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Ann Dillard Mother Daughter trauma healing

Mother-Daughter Coaching

Navigate your relationship with your mother or daughter in a more healthy and fulling way.

Mother-daughter relationships can be complicated but I am here to support a healthier connection. 
-Ann Dillard

Mother-daughter relationships can be tough to navigate. There may be multiple reasons why the relationship between a mother and daughter is struggling. Do any of the following sound familiar to you?

frustrated mother therapy

Constant arguing or disagreements

Mothers and daughters may have different expectations for their relationship and may communicate in different ways, which can lead to misunderstandings and conflict.

mother daughter disagreement

Lack of understanding or empathy with one other

It can be difficult for mothers and daughters to fully understand or empathize with one another, especially if they have different life experiences or perspectives and unaddressed traumas.

mother daughter relationship trauma

Past experiences and unresolved conflicts

Sometimes, past experiences and unresolved conflicts can impact the mother-daughter relationship and make it difficult for the two to connect in a positive way.

You both can have a healthier relationship with one another through my mother-daughter coaching program. 

Even if one person is not ready to seek support, by taking this step, you can experience significant improvement in your relationship.
Imagine a mother-daughter relationship where you both can:

mother daughter trauma Ann Dillard

Have healthier conversations. Even when you have different viewpoints, learning effective communication skills can help you reduce the frequency and intensity of high-conflict arguments. By finding ways to listen actively and express your needs and feelings in a respectful way, you can improve your ability to connect and find common ground with each other.

Build understanding and empathy for each other. Learning to see each other's perspectives and build understanding and empathy, even when you don't always agree, is an important step towards strengthening and improving your relationship. By making an effort to understand where the other person is coming from, you can foster a deeper sense of connection and respect for one another.

Mother daughter healing Ann Dillard
Ann Dillard Mother Daughter coaching

Resolve past conflicts to move forward. Resolving past conflicts allows mothers and daughters to move forward and focus on building a stronger, more positive relationship. It also creates an opportunity for mothers and daughters to learn from past misunderstandings or challenges and develop healthier communication and problem-solving skills. This can lead to a more fulfilling and supportive relationship in the present and future.

This 6-week intensive coaching program includes:
2 individual sessions
4 joint sessions
Homework Activities
Conversation Cards
Journal Prompts
'Unchain My Legacy' Book

Mother Daugher Healing Trauma
“Ann Dillard has been incredibly supportive whilst coaching me through some challenging times in my role as a Mother. I am so appreciative of her guidance, wisdom and understanding. She has shown me a way forward and given me confidence and knowledge to achieve a healthy Mother-Daughter relationship. Thank You Ann. I am forever grateful to you for showing me how to Unchain My Legacy!”

Melanie, N. - Mother-Daughter Coaching Client

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