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“I am committed to sharing skills and strategies that transform the minds and lives of teen girls and mothers.”
Ann Dillard, LMFT


I'm Ann Dillard

My difficult experiences during my early life, coupled with my education, have greatly influenced my work. They have fueled my passion for helping others, particularly those who are newcomers to the USA and facing the challenges of adapting to a new culture. I am dedicated to supporting teens and families as they navigate the complexities of acclimating to life in a new country and culture.

Many may not be aware that my teenage years were marked by significant struggles, including migration to the USA, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, broken relationships, low self-esteem, and periods of homelessness. These difficult experiences left a lasting impact on me and shaped who I am today.

Despite these challenges, I have persevered and accomplished much in my life. Today, I am proud to run a thriving private practice serving teen girls and their families, and I am highly sought after as a cultural diversity consultant and trainer.

I have been blessed with a loving and supportive marriage of 34 years, and we have raised three successful adult children. Additionally, my hard work and dedication to my career have earned me a reputation as a highly respected teen therapist.

Ann Dillard

Our Services

I provide a safe environment where culturally responsive, evidence-based approaches are used to instill hope and empower you to reach your goals.

Mother Daughter trauma


As a result of working with me, teens are more productive and more accountable, complete the tasks that they start, have improved academic performance, experience more positive attitudes, and build healthier relationships.​

mother daughter trauma

Mother-Daughter Coaching

Often times when mothers are not healed from the trauma of their relationship with their own mothers, they repeat the very same behaviors with their daughters. As a result of working with me, mothers are more aware and hopeful. They are making better connections with their daughters.

mother daughter relationship Ann Dillard

Workshops and Speaking

Keynote speaking engagements and trainings are available for the following topics:

Mother-Daughter Relationships

Healthy Relationships

Supporting Teens


Other mental health issues


“Ann has the warmth, smarts, courage, and humor to heal relationships. She’s committed to nurturing wellness and has a deep respect for her clients’ cultures and strengths. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ann for over six years and would recommend her to individuals, adolescents, couples, and families. Atlanta is blessed to have this healer in their community!”


Sarah Lentz, LMFT

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